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The lives of teleprinters

Experience the emotion of discovering a lost form of digital communication

This technology gets under your skin, it's an electromechanical data signal coder and decoder with a printer, a memory device - a complete computer powered by a motor! Here you can read the latest news about teleprinters and also about our telex museum.  


Maker Faire Plzeň Saturday 14.5.2022


To those who still haven't visited the Prague Telexmuseum yet,

We would like to inform you that Telexmuseum Open Day will be on Saturday 4.9.2021 from 1pm to 8pm.

There will be some small refreshments available.

22.2.2021 Robert

We are just now inviting new members to the Telexmuseum.

A gentleman contacted me in November 2020 about his new RFT T51 teleprinter.

I provided him with the background of   T51 teleprinter.

Our communication brought us together at the Telexmuseum.

We both realized on meeting that we had the same love for teleprinters.

I was amazed by Roberts knowledge of fixing things.

At the first meeting we equipped him with komplet i-telex solution.

Just now he has telex number: 924817

Recently he has fixed in short time many things for the museum - e.g. blue Siemens T100, Lorenz punch tape, Hellschreiber, Lorenz FSG, Zbrojovka Brno Dalibor D302 - this is amazing work.

He is also a proud owner of HELLSCHREIBER. Together we have a fifth Hells, just now one of them is working.

He is successful in fixing Teleprinters, because he is dedicated in to going deeper into detail by finding and studying documentation.

Thanks to Robert we have a working PRAGOTRON central big clock and tesla Mine phone. The next upcoming challenge for him is to fix Creed 7B/CTK. He is a great asset to the Teleprinter community.

 Maker Faire Pilsen

17. - 18. 10.2020

TELEXMUSEUM will take part in this year's Maker Faire Pilsen! The even will be held in DEPO2015 Pilsen, 17-18.10.2020. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

TELEXMUSEUM has a new residence!

Moving! Our TELEXMUSEUM has a new residence! The space we had in Lipence got too tight for us so we decided to move our collection to a new location. We've found a great building in small village near Prague called Třebotov. It has four floors and almost 600 square meters. We are now getting everything ready, it should be all done in May.
We will soon inform you about the exact date of the Open day. 

New logo for TELEX MUSEUM!

Our TELEX MUSEUM has a new logo! Our inspiration was a photograph of a teletype operator Edna Craig and an Army Carrier Pigeon who is telling her his story. The photo is from 1944 and the teleprinter in the picture is TELETYPE Typing Reperforator model 14.

18.6.2019 Maker Faire

Dear friends, we would like to welcome you again at the Maker Faire Prague, which will take place at Výstavište Holešovice, 22.-23. of June.

We are going to have two stands there, one is called TELEXMUSEUM and the other one is Dálnopis (teleprinter). Our stands will have a number 169 and you can find them at the beginning of the faire, right after the entrance to the foyer. We are looking forward to meeting you!

MUSEUM OPEN DAY 27.10.2018

To those who still haven't visited the prague telex museum yet,

we would like to inform you, that the last telexmuseum Open Day this year will be on Saturday 27.10.2018 from 10am to 6pm.

There will be some small refreshments available.

The next Open Day will be in May 2019

21.5.2018 This greatest radioamateur exhibition is approaching very quickly.

Our i-telex group and our museum will be here from saturday till sunday (2-3.jun). Our teleprinter group will be at the flea market with ENIGMA group. We also will stay in a camp around the exhibition area. Our team would appreciate meeting you.


We would like to organize an event for all teleprinter fans,

who like Prague and would like to share their knowledge with each other.

People could bring their own teleprinters for team repair.

There will be available 6 tables, internet connection, full sets of tools, refreshments and enough space for working.


  1. Install VPN internet connection with own IP number for teleprinters and remote systems.

  2. Install RACK BOX for network and i-telex facility

  3. Install web remote heating to control humidity and to preheat space before visiting

  4. Secure space with cameras

  5. Add shelves of different sizes for teleprinters with and without wooden cases

  6. Start to make electronic detail documentation about all equipment in inventory

  7. Make workplaces for reconditioning equipments

  8. Create new web pages for more appropriate needs for the museum which will include discussions, photogallery, parts department, download documentation center and museum database.

12.2.2018 Editorial plan for telexmuseum NEWS

  1. Filming in Prague

  2. Future plans

  3. 10th teleprinter ride

  4. Teleprinter web camera

  5. About inventory - series about 10 articles

  6. About 9 parts e-bay shipment and other incoming deliveries from e-bay

  7. About building new i-telex connection in JPS and Cold war museum

  8. About coming events - HAM RADIO Friedrischhafen, INTERNATIONAL TELEPRINTER WORKSHOP Prague, MAKE FAIR PRAGUE, International Radio-amateur Meeting Holice

22.1.2018 PIGEON STORY - He's a wise bird.

We found on e-bay a nice photograph with an amazing story about an Army Carrier Pigeon No. 43-SC51037 that they thought had either gone AWOL (absence without official leave) or was visiting some cute chick in the neighborhood.
In the picture is Miss Edna Craig a teletype operator from Stuttgart Army Airfield Ark; Arkansas and a pigeon who is trying to tell her his side of the story.
The pigeon was found hanging around the Airfield PX (post exchange). GI (general issues) theories were for the presence of the bird that it had lost his way and had checked in for navigational instruction or was visiting some cute chick in the area. 

The teleprinter on picture is TELETYPE Typing Reperforator model 14.
This former Army base was located 7 miles north of Stuttgart Arkansas. It was in use 1942-1945. It was an advanced pilot training school for the USAF for 70 000 pilots. Don't mistake it for the Stuttgart US Army Airport which was taken over by US Army in 1945 and returned to German Authorities in 1948. This picture is dated December 12, 1944 - US Army might be in Stuttgart (Germany) - it is a little confusing ;-)
On the internet we found another two copies of this photograph - it was probably made for many other newspapers and also Edna CRAIG STEINMETZ - Lone Tree Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas Jul 2, 1924 - Sep 5, 2001, which would mean she was 20 years old in the picture,) But unfortunately we could find nothing about the pigeon.
Also for US Army abbreviations (AWOL, PX, GI) we found the meanings of on the internet .

You can see the detailed pictures with a click.

6.11.2017 Telex Museum News

Our Telex museum collection is growing rapidly, in the last two months the number of our items has expanded to almost 50 teleprinters. Until now we have had to spread out our collection in many places - in garage, cottage, company stock and garden shed. This is very problematic because it is impossible to keep in order and to show the public. I was looking on the internet for a suitable place to put everything under one roof but without any success. But luckily at this time I was speaking to our company landlord and she had the idea to use her relatives 125 m² barn in Lipence. This came at the right time because we had just got 50 teleprinters which were due to be delivered at any moment. These 50 teleprinters were the first part of the collection to be introduced to their new residence. Since this time we have been busy moving our collection. A lot of people have been asking us when will the museum be open. And we have told them, that the open day is approaching. We are thinking about May - but we need more dedicated people to help us make our telex museum wonderful and to bring happiness and satisfaction to all lovers of communication technique. When you visit us you will be able to sit on historical postal bench from  the Fernmeldemuseum Bielefeld.  

14.3.2016, Siemens T1000 - právě přišel z Británie 

Má trochu zoxidované konektory, ale jinak se zdá být v pořádku. Chybí mu klávesnice, je určen pro příjem. Tahle mašina už je plná elektroniky. Zakoupeno na eBay.

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