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This technology gets under your skin, it's an electromechanical data signal coder and decoder with a printer, a memory device - a complete computer powered by a motor! Here you can read the latest news on teleprinters and also on our telex museum

6.11.2017 Telex Museum News

Our Telex museum collection is growing rapidly, in the last two months the number of our items has expanded to almost 50 teleprinters. Until now we have had to spread out our collection in many places - in garage, cottage, company stock and garden shed. This is very problematic because it is impossible to keep in order and to show the public. I was looking on the internet for a suitable place to put everything under one roof but without any success. But luckily at this time I was speaking to our company landlord and she had the idea to use her relatives 125 m² barn in Lipence. This came at the right time because we had just got 50 teleprinters which were due to be delivered at any moment. These 50 teleprinters were the first part of the collection to be introduced to their new residence. Since this time we have been busy moving our collection. A lot of people have been asking us when will the museum be open. And we have told them, that the open day is approaching. We are thinking about May - but we need more dedicated people to help us make our telex museum wonderful and to bring happiness and satisfaction to all lovers of communication technique. When you visit us you will be able to sit on historical postal bench from  the Fernmeldemuseum Bielefeld.  

14.3.2016, Siemens T1000 - právě přišel z Británie 

Má trochu zoxidované konektory, ale jinak se zdá být v pořádku. Chybí mu klávesnice, je určen pro příjem. Tahle mašina už je plná elektroniky. Zakoupeno na eBay.

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